Monday, 9 July 2012

Dread and Disappointment

Next on the list to tell was school... and my dad. Oh my goodness... dad. School could wait, um, forever, in my opinion but dad could not.

I was dreading it. Mum and I went over again and again different ways to tell him. I couldn't do it face to face. I didn't want to see him cry. By phone? No. By someone else? Who? And besides, that wasn't fair on them or dad. In the end I decided to write a letter and leave it somewhere he could find it.

My dad loves me like crazy. I am sure that he would fly to the moon just to get me some cheese if I asked for it. I knew he'd never get violent towards me - that wasn't what I was scared of. I didn't think he'd disown me... not much any way. In fact, I didn't really think that at all, but you hear so many stories about other teen mums being chucked out onto the streets and stuff, it was impossible to have no doubt. What I was scared of was the disappointment.

When the phone rang I dived under my covers and hid. My stepdad passed me the receiver and I whispered 'Hello?'  
He spoke, 'Heather?'
'Firstly, I still love you. Of course I am disappointed because it's not the life I imagined for you, but I'm still here for you. Were you scared of big scary dragon me?'
'A bit,' I sob-giggled, feeling like a little kid all over again.

Everything was going to be okay.

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