Saturday, 7 July 2012

A Random Little Post - My First Night Alone

Hi everyone (:

Tonight is my first night without James in over a year (cause he was in my tummy) and it feels weird! He is with his paternal grandmother for the night, along with his grandpops, uncle, dad and a couple of his dad's friends. Slumber party, whoopee! :|

I'm enjoying the peace... but it was an absolutely gut-wrenching feeling leaving him in someone else's care for the night. I imagine it feels a bit like living next to an opera house then going deaf. The quiet is great but something is definitely missing.

So... I should be taking a long hot bubble bath, shaving my legs, filing my nail, doing my hair - all that kinda stuff that is a motherhood luxury. In truth I just want to sleep!

But then this voice called 'Responsibility' pipes up. It says, Heather, you have a messy room - now is your opportunity to go and tidy it!

Shut up, I told it. Night everyone!

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