Friday, 6 July 2012

The Pregnant Girl...

'Hi, do I know you from somewhere?'
"I was the pregnant girl at the Christmas party."
'Oh yeah! Now I remember you.'
Many conversations I have start along these lines.

Getting pregnant at 14 and having a baby at 15 gets you known, and not for all the right reasons. What it also brings, however, is a new start to your life full of love, laughter and baby slobber.

My name is Heather, and my beautiful son James is 6 months old. I can hear him now, squealing in protest as this annoying invisible force called Gravity thwarts his attempts to remain sitting upright. I'd better go rescue him or he'll fall off the sofa. Be right back.

We live with my mum's half of a patchwork jumble family in a little cul-de-sac in Harrow. This includes my stepdad, brother, half-brother, 2 half-sisters and furry beasts (i.e, cats) called Portia and Pandora.

Enough of the boring stuff. Why am I writing this? Even I'm not sure. There are plenty of other teenage mother blogs out there on the internet, so my idea isn't exactly original. In writing, I have all the wit of a toenail (there being the exception, HA HA).

Perhaps I am a bit different to other teenage mums. I had my child at an illegal age, I am still in highschool and I'm single. Perhaps I want to break the stereotype that all young mums are binge-fuelled, drug crazed, government money leeching losers. Perhaps I am hoping there is someone who will read this one day and just click, and be like, yep, that's me right there, I know her situation. I'm there too.

In the meantime, I'll write to you as often as I can to share with you my experiences as I grow and learn with my little boy. I hope I've caught your interest and you'll stay with me just long enough to read my next post. Bye!

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